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Shop the full men's footwear collection from Grenson. The Grenson men's collection features Brogues, Chelsea Boots, Moccassins & Sneakers. Grenson have been hand making men's shoes since 1866. Apart from our moccasin & sneaker collections, all our of shoes are “Goodyear Welted”.

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Men's Triple Welt

The ‘Triple Welt’ series of shoes are true Grenson classics as they weren’t developed in the design department, but instead by our own craftsmen in the factory. The main feature is a special sole and welt construction that makes the shoe look like it has three welts of different widths. This is true artisanal shoemaking and is unique to Grenson.

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Men's Brogues

The Brogue, staple shoes in any mans wardrobe. Brogueing details are where the upper is punched through with a pattern usually on the toe. It was originally a way of either strengthening the leather or of hiding blemishes in cheaper leather depending on who you believe.

Here we have our full collection of Men's Brogues in a number of leathers & styles on leather, rubber and our trademark Triple Welt sole options.

Browse some our most popular brogue searches via the pre-defined selections below:

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Men's Boots

Our men's boots collection features a wide range of styles in a number of leathers, suedes, colours & soles. All of our Mens Boots are Goodyear Welted.

See also our specific collections of Mens Brogue boots, Mens Chelsea Boots & Mens Monkey Boots:

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Men's Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are a higher mid height boot with elastic gussets on either side, named after its popularity on the Kings Road in Chelsea in the 1960’s.

The Grenson collection features mens Chelsea Boots in a number of leather, suede & nubuck uppers on various sole options.

All are handmade & genuinely Goodyear Welted.

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Men's Derby Shoes

Derby, or Gibson, shoes are the opposite of the Oxford, the back of the shoe is stitched on top of the front thereby creating a big opening where the laces are.

The Grenson collection of Men's Derby shoes features shoes with & without brouging in various leathers and sole options.

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Men's Oxford Shoes

An Oxford is defined by the front half of the shoe being stitched on top of the back half, making a narrow ‘V’ opening where the laces are.

The Grenson collection of Men's Oxford shoes feature shoes with & without brouging in various leathers and sole options.

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Men's Loafers

Shop all of our Men's loafers below.

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Men's Monkstrap Shoes

Monk strap shoes were originally worn by Monks in Europe instead of sandals. They have transformed from a formal shoe to a more informal, contemporary option to a traditional Oxford, Derby or Brogue.

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Men's Sneakers

After 150 years of shoemaking, we are delighted to announce the launch of our first ever collection of Grenson sneakers.

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Men's Socks

Shop our collection of beautiful Italian made socks for men. Each sock is made from the finest cotton and is the perfect compliment to any Grenson shoe.

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Men's Sandals

Introducing our new men's sandal collection in a variety of slider and traditional sandal designs and colour options.

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Men's Exclusives

Grenson works with many of the finest retailers in the world, but sometimes we like to make shoes just for ourselves and our customers, that can only be bought directly from us. Throughout the year we will be dropping in new mens styles in this section, so keep checking in if you like something that is more limited in numbers.

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Men's Brogue Boots

A collection of mens boots all featuring brogueing detail on the upper in a number of styles and leathers.

Our mens brogue boots collection includes brogue boots on our Triple Welt sole which is unique to Grenson and made entirely from skin to box in our Northamptonshire factory.

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Men's Black Brogues

The black leather brogue; a staple in any mans wardrobe. Here we feature our collection of mens black brogues in a number of styles and sole options.

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Men's Tan Brogues

The tan leather brogue; a staple in any mans wardrobe. Here we feature our collection of mens tan brogues in a number of styles and sole options.

The collection features our tan hand painted styles which are slightly darker in colour, but every pair is unique and ages beautifully as the leather ages.

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Men's Leather Boots

The full Grenson collection of men's leather boots features various styles of boot finished in a number of leathers. The collection includes many different sole types offering a boot for all seasons.

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Men's Chukka Boots

The Grenson collection of Men's Chukka boots features several different handmade boots in suedes & leathers. All feature a classic single leather sole.

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Men's Hiker Boots

The Grenson collection of Men’s Hiker Boots features our popular Brady boot in a variety of leathers and suede combined with our hard-wearing but lightweight rubber commando sole. All of our Men's Hiker Boots are Goodyear Welted.

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Men's Vegan Shoes

As the Vegan movement grows, we get asked more and more by our followers if we could make some Vegan shoe & boot alternatives to the regular collection. The trouble is, if you Google 'Vegan shoes', you will see how difficult it is to make them look beautiful.

So after two years of research and development, we have finally created a small collection of our best selling styles using only Vegan friendly materials - we feel they are every bit as lovely as every other Grenson shoe.

Beautiful Vegan shoes. At last.

Registered with The Vegan Society

Registered with The Vegan Society

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The Men's Boot Edit

Whether you are pounding the pavements or muddy paths, Sunday walks have helped us all through this lockdown as that’s all we seem to be able to do!

So we decided to create A Boot Edit, a selection of New Season and Grenson Classics that are durable, lightweight and comfortable - perfect to keep those steps up.

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