Back on the Road

Back On The Road is our latest project to further lengthen the lifetime of our shoes. We are asking anyone who is about to bin a pair of their old Grensons, to bring them in to us instead and we will patch them up and offer them to someone else in order to get a few more years out of them...

We have been making shoes since 1866 and have always believed that the best sustainable strategy is to make products that last a long time. In addition, we have also been repairing Grenson shoes from day one. Even after several repairs and years of wear, some shoes eventually feel like they are ready to be retired - but we beg to differ. With a stitch or two here or a rubber sole there, we can polish them up and get them back on the road again.

Bring in your old, no longer needed Grensons and let us know if you have any nice anecdotes as to what you did in them (keep it clean please) and our team will work to give them a new life for someone else to enjoy. They will be patched up and sold on for a modest sum to a new owner who can love them as much as you did.

We have now finished selling our first drop of 'Back on The Road' product.

We are busy processing and preparing more stock for the second drop coming soon.

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