the triple welt

Normally new designs come from the design office but when you have a factory, ideas sometimes come from the craftsmen and craftswomen who make the shoes. The Triple Welt is the best example as it was developed in the factory and presented to us for consideration. We loved it immediately because it showed the craftmanship very visibly and highlighted the Goodyear Welted construction that we are famous for making. Once the sole was perfected we then set about designing shoes and boots to go on it and to this day we haven’t stopped. It was an overnight Grenson classic and It is therefore something that we are very proud of.


We now have 3 lasts that we make triple welts on. The 201 is the most iconic Grenson triple welt. This is a classic fit that comes from our best-selling shoes like Archie and Fred. The 207 last is a slightly more elegant and elongated last, giving the shoes a slightly smarter look. Finally our newest addition is our 213 last which has a much more rounded toe, giving it more of a chunky look.

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