Street Photography Workshop with Alan Burles

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Our friend and photographer Alan Burles is teaching a workshop in and around Central London and we have an exciting offer for you.
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As a Grenson follower, we're offering to cover part of the course. Where you would normally pay £150, you'll actually only need to pay £100 for the course.

Please note: there are limited spaces available and the offer is for a limited time.

The workshop is for a group of 6 people and the route will be Central London and the South Bank.

You will need to be out from 10am until 5pm and then between 5 and 6pm you will do a review of everyone's photos.

Workshop Dates:



More details on application to @alanburles (Instagram DM) or email:

Alan - "My aim is to explore how, as street photographers, how we can find our voice so to speak. Shooting techniques, shutter speeds and f-stops are all important but in this crowded world of photography, let's explore how we can be different - and by being different, express ourselves, stand out and improve."

Here are some more examples of Alan's work for us: