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Edits | 15 April 2021


In 2016, Grenson turned 150 years old, so we decided to celebrate by

bringing back some of the classics. We looked into our archive and chose our

favourite shoes and boots from the 20th Century. We have kept them as true

to the originals as possible, while making sure they are wearable today.

For example, back then - many of the shoes were incredibly narrow,

so we widened them without losing the essence of the shoe.

The process started by developing new lasts for each style, some of

which took four or five attempts as they were so different from modern shapes.

We then had to source matching leathers and we decided that where an original

shoe was heavily worn and polished, we would try to remake it in the way it would

have looked when it was brand new. We didn't want to "distress" it as we felt this would

seem unauthentic. Finally, we had to recreate many details that were on the

originals, such as old logo stamps, hand stitched details and heel nailing -

all of which took many hours of trial and error to get exactly right.

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