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Shoe Repairs

Resurrections performed daily

The beauty of the Goodyear Welted shoe is that as you wear them, the leather insole shapes to your foot and when we repair them, we can leave the insole and just change the sole. This means that the shoe remains as comfortable as when you brought them back to us, even though the sole is as good as new.

When you order your required repair, the shipping amount charged is used for us to send your shoes back to you via our express & fully tracked courier service.

Please Note the Following: We only repair Grenson shoes. Regrettably we cannot repair moccasins and some sneaker styles due to their manufacturing processes. Your shoes can only be refurbished a maximum of 3 times and sneakers can only be repaired once. For our sneaker rebuild, we can only repair Sneaker 1, Sneaker 3, Sneaker 6 and Sneaker 22 models with a white, black or gum sole option only. We are unable to repair any shoes that have been repaired by a third party. We cannot repair any uppers, stitchings or linings. Triple Welt styles can only be repaired with the same triple welt sole, and no other shoe can be re-made into a triple welt.

Once ordered you simply need to print or make a note of your order reference within the package being returned and then return them to our factory address.

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