Wide Welt

We recently introduced a completely new last shape: the 231G. This takes our classic 201G last and exaggerates everything - it is wider with lots of toe spring and a big directional, round toe shape. The last is a statement so we've kept the styling simple.

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The London Collection

This is our classic City shoe collection of the must have styles that you need if you’re going to cut it in the Square Mile. The last shape is classic but not old fashioned and the designs are all exactly as they should be, no clever twists.

What makes them special is the “closed channel” soles with hand painted waists and hand painted linings to match. This is the pinnacle of English shoemaking, made “skin to box” in the Grenson factory.

Tim Little, CEO & Creative Director

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M.I.E. Sneakers

The Goodyear Welted method of shoemaking is generally considered to be the King of shoemaking as it is traditional, time consuming, and expensive, but it creates the most hard-wearing shoes.

We have been making Goodyear Welted shoes for around 150 years so when I suggested to the craftsmen in our factory that we try making a sneaker, they were sceptical to say the least.

However, we bought the relevant machinery and they set about learning how to master the art.

These shoes are therefore the result of a traditional English shoe factory putting their craft into a sneaker. They are made using traditional high-quality leathers, including calf, nubuck and suede and are stitched onto the Italian made soles.

Tim Little

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Grenson Slippers

After 153 years of keeping your feet warm and dry when you’re out and about we have finally come indoors and are delighted to announce the launch of the Grenson slipper. It’s made from beautiful soft shearling in the traditional moccasin style and is available for men and women.

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Vegan Shoes & Boots

As the Vegan movement grows, we get asked more and more by our followers if we could make some Vegan shoe & boot alternatives to the regular collection. The trouble is, if you Google 'Vegan shoes', you will see how difficult it is to make them look beautiful.

So after two years of research and development, we have finally created a small collection of our best selling styles using only Vegan friendly materials - we feel they are every bit as lovely as every other Grenson shoe.

Beautiful Vegan shoes. At last.

Registered with The Vegan Society

Registered with The Vegan Society

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Home Essentials

We realise that you may not need any chunky walking boots or smart brogues for office at the moment so we have looked through our website to find a few things that you can enjoy at home.

We have watches so that you see how slowly the time is going, candles in case it’s getting a little whiffy, shoe care to give those boots some much needed love as well as cosy socks, shearling lined Sneakers and much more. Check out our Home Essentials Edit and more importantly, Stay at home, Stay safe and look after each other.

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Triple Welt

The ‘Triple Welt’ series of shoes are true Grenson classics as they weren’t developed in the design department, but instead by our own craftsmen in the factory. The main feature is a special sole and welt construction that makes the shoe look like it has three welts of different widths. This is true artisanal shoemaking and is unique to Grenson.

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