November 2021

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We’ve pulled together some of our favourite images of people in Grenson and features in magazines over the last couple of weeks.

Zeena Shah wearing Nanette


Styleinthestix wearing Jane


Nora featured in Olmsted Outerwear lookbook


Photographer: @ds_sanchez

Anna Cascarina wearing Nanette


Arden featured in Dazed and Confused

Photographer: @marc_hibbert

Stylist: harry_lambert

Ayishat A. Akanbi wearing Alissa


Barbara featured in The Fall Mag


Stylist: @katesinclair_

Billie Flynn wearing Blossom


Photographer: @jrcmccord

Stylist: @zoejervoise

Brit Bones wearing Nanette


Chiara wearing Vegan Nanette


Joy Crookes wearing Arden for Notion Magazine promoting her debut album ‘Skin’

@joycrookes for @notion

Stylist: @natalieroar

Words: @kaerianne

Photography & Creative Direction: @jessicaelizaross

Isabella Mayes wearing Morag


Emily Inman wearing Nova


Emmaline featured on Gravity Pope


Elvira Jain wearing Doris for Latest Magazine FW21/22 issue.

@elvirajain @latestmagazine

Stylist:  @martystylist 

Photographer: @paul_whitfield

MUA/Hair @lizziecourt_makeup

Elvira Jain wearing Bethany for Latest Magazine FW21/22 issue.

@elvirajain @latestmagazine

Stylist:  @martystylist 

Photographer: @paul_whitfield

MUA/Hair @lizziecourt_makeup

Maisie Peters wearing Bethany for Hunger Magazine



Photographer: @sonnymccartney

Stylist: @ejwitt

Melissa Saint wearing Nanette 2.0

Photographer: @josephsinclair

Stylist: ellagaskellstylist

Hair & Make up: @stefan_jemeel

Kitty featured in 5 Eleven Magazine


Stylist: @stephwilsonstylist

Photographer: @davidreissphotography

Beauty director: @barriegmakeup

Hair: @davidebarbieri_

Mimi Keene wearing Nova for Viewties Magazine


Photographer: @josephsinclair

Stylist: @ellagaskellstylist

Hair and Make up: @charlotteyeomansmakeup

Cush Jumbo wearing Philippa for ES Magazine

@cushjumbohere thank you @sophindap @eveningstandardmagazine

Photo: @laurenmaccabee

Interview: @soozbutter

Fashion Assistant: @raphaeldelbono

Make up: @ewtmakeup

Nails: @jessicathompsonnails

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