Julia Rebaudo

06 November 2020

Interview | 06 November 2021

In this week’s Off the Beaten Track, we asked our friend, writer turned blogger, Julia Rebaudo (@stylonylon) about her recent move from London to the Scottish Highlands and her new lockdown knitting obsession.

Your life in a nutshell?

Born in Beaconsfield, grew up in Copenhagen & Edinburgh, worked & married in London, recently moved to the Highlands!

What are you most proud of?

Top of the list has to be my little family unit, gorgeous husband & son who I live for!

Where do you live and what do you love about the area?

We’ve just made a move to the northern Highlands! Not as crazy as it sounds, my husband grew up on Skye and my Scottish side were lighthouse keepers up here. We are currently completing the renovation on an old farm steading up here in the Highlands (lots of DIY!) The ever changing weather and awe-inspiring landscape is so incredibly wild and free, I feel anything is possible.

We’ve just made a move to the northern Highlands! Not as crazy as it sounds, my husband grew up on Skye and my Scottish side were lighthouse keepers up here.

Favourite places to visit/stay?

II travelled so much as a kid with my parents who worked and lived all over – Denmark, Turkey, India, Brazil & the Middle East – I love anywhere new! Since Gus was born we’ve completely fallen in love with the Algarve and hope to go back soon…


Most exciting thing about your job?

The bit I thrive on most is definitely the creative challenges that take me into the unknown. I enjoy pushing the boundaries and creating something bespoke, something new, somewhere different.

What does the future hold?

Finally I’m in the right place to write the novel I always dreamed of. I’ve written quite a few full draft manuscripts over the years, so I know I can do it – but the subject matter has never been quite right… until now!

Pictured: Julia wears Nanette.

SinCE MOVING TO SCOTLAND, HAVE YOU TAKEN up anything new? hobbies for example, or changed the way you approached your day?

Yes, the huge change is that I started knitting again. And I’ve gone deep! From socks to jumpers to blankets and hats – I just can’t stop. I think I was really missing doing something with my hands, I find it incredibly therapeutic. I also love the mental challenge of figuring out new patterns. I’ve just received my Christmas wool haul (everyone is getting something knitted!) and I better get started…

In London most days I would be nipping out to press days or for meetings but without those daily appointments in diary now, I have so much more time now to try and fit everything in – of course, I still have a million things I want to do, but I feel I actually can get down to them now.

Did you start doing anything differently since lockdown in March how has it changed your life/work?

I’ve slowed down A. Lot. – and am so much better for it. Lockdown made me realise that work can still carry on and I don’t have to go so fast with it all, dashing around here and there. I’ve found a lot more time for myself and looking after my health in a way that makes me happy. So much less guilt that I’m not doing the right things! I sleep deeper now and feel good in the mornings.

3 Favourite Books

The Golden Notebook, Doris Lessing (a game-changer for me) Alias Grace, Margaret Atwood (just stupendous) and The Golden Bowl, Henry James (every word exquisite).

3 Favourite Films

Victor Victoria (Julie Andrews in her absolute prime) Bringing Up Baby (Cary Grant & Katherine Hepburn heaven) and Alien (I am a huge sci-fi nerd to many people’s surprise!).

3 Favourite Podcasts

The Happy Vagina by Mika Simmons (shouting loud & proud about women’s health issues), Changes with Annie Mac (brilliant interviews!) and The Penguin Podcast (again, more brilliant interviews!)

Most inspiring IG account you follow?

I can’t go a day without checking in on @davidshrigley – he just gets life and somehow makes it better!

Favourite stores?

Liberty London, anywhere that stocks Grenson (I love the Hanbury Street store best) and Loop London in Camden Passage (knitting supplies heaven).

3 favourite songs?

I love songs that move me inside and make me dance! Self Control by Laura Branigan, Voyage Voyage by Desireless and Lake Shore Drive by Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah.

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