the little things matter

A Grenson shoe is a shoe made with 150 years of experience. We have learnt over that time that a shoe is only as good as its weakest part, which is why we spend so much time on every tiny detail. All of our shoes are Goodyear welted, a 140 year old process that involves over 200 individual operations to make a single pair and takes up to six weeks to complete.



Our leathers are the finest in the world and in most cases we “burnish” them up to five times to build up a beautiful antique finish. Even the soles are cut from the best, longest lasting leather that is available for shoemaking.


However, it is the tiny details and the elements that you often can’t see that are just as important to us because, if any of them fail, the entire shoe will fail. Here are some of the “hidden” details, and although they might not be pretty, they are every bit as important as the hand burnished leathers or the wax polished soles.

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