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The Withnail Boots

A Revival Boot from The 80s Cult Classic

A reviewing of the 80’s cult classic Withnail and I prompted us to revive this boot that we made for Richard E. Grants seminal character. Withnail’s boots were in need of serious repair and had seen better days but our revival is how you really should see this boot. Made from cognac calf, these boots are burnished by hand, are on a single leather sole and are made “skin to box” in the Grenson factory in Northamptonshire.

“In the film, Withnail’s (Richard E Grant) boots are totally battered and the sole flaps about throughout the film, but I loved the connection so much that I wanted to recreate them as they would have been new. We looked up the patterns and lasts, and we still had them from the original film in 1987, so we have re made them per their original spec in our Northamptonshire factory.

The boot is known as a Balmoral boot and is a very traditional oxford style boot that can trace its origins back to Victorian times.” Tim Little Creative director

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