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Grenson Genuine Moccasins

The Grenson Genuine Moccasins; a small collection of men's moccasins inspired by the original formal loafer, loved by the Ivy League preppies of the 60’s.

The moccasin was the world’s first ever shoe and was originally just a piece of leather that went under the foot and was stitched together on top. The comfort comes from the fact that the leather goes all the way under the foot. A moccasin still does this today.

The first Grenson moccasin shoe actually launched in 1952 and quickly grew alongside the company’s Goodyear Welted product until a time in the 1990’s when it actually outgrew the company’s traditional shoe sales.

It has now been quite a few years since the last Grenson moccasin was sold but we have decided that the original benefits that Sidney Green saw over 60 years ago are still relevant, they just needed to be updated.

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