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Goodyear Welted Veldt Collection

Our Grenson Veldt is based on the original Veldtschoen boots that were first seen by British Soldiers on the feet of Afrikaner soldiers during the Boer War. The boots and shoes are made using a unique technique where the upper is stitched onto the welt, eliminating the gap between the upper and the sole, thus making them mainly waterproof. Veldtschoen translates literally as 'Bush-shoe'.

The Grenson Veldts have been made using black and brown Russian Reindeer leather, and a hardwearing commando sole. Russian calf is heavy weight yet soft leather and has distinctive hatch grain that the original Russian calf was famous for.

The Veldt is a rare shoe these days as it is very difficult to make and only a few factories still have the skills.

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