Grenson - Off the Beaten Track - Luke & Hayley Martin

Your life in a nut shell?

We are content creators/bloggers/Instagrammers, whatever you want to call us. We create fashion content mostly but our other passion is travel so you’ll see a lot of places we visit on our Instagram accounts and blog.

We started our Instagram accounts in 2017, while we were travelling. Like so many others, it was a way we could share our travels with family and friends, we never thought we would be trying to turn it into a business.

What are you most proud of?

Firstly, leaving everything behind to travel for 10 months – an unforgettable experience! Secondly, we’re proud that we have continuously worked at developing our photography skills (a few years ago, we’d never touched a camera) and are now paid for our work. We never would’ve predicted this. It feels almost surreal every time we’re able to work with a brand we love. Ultimately, we’re proud that we’re working and achieving together.

Where do you live and what do you love about it?

We live in Hertford, the small UK town we grew up in. We love that it’s by the countryside but also a short train ride into London so we can easily enjoy the quiet but also, enjoy the excitement of city life.

Can you give us 5 places we should visit where you live and why?

Hertford is so small and if we’re being totally honest, there’s not much to see here so we’ll tell you our top 5 places we’ve visited which will maybe inspire you for your next trip:

– Sigiriya & Ella- Sri Lanka (where the photos were taken)
– Lake Garda – Italy
– Ijen Volcano – Indonesia
– Udaipur – India
– Fes – Morocco

What 3 songs should we add to the Grenson Spotify?

Leon Bridges – Beyond
Queen – Hammer To Fall
Lumineers – Sleep on The Floor

What was your favourite holiday and did you make any discoveries of lesser known places you ate, drank, visited or slept, you can share?

A lot of our time travelling consisted of finding new/lesser known places – both intentionally and unintentionally while still visiting the busy spots. I think one place that sticks out to us a lot is Sigiriya in Sri Lanka. It’s primarily known for the tourist attractions – Sigiriya and Pidurangala rock. However, we like it because it’s a really small town in the middle of Sri Lanka and uses water to generate electricity and power. So, in the dry season, we had no power during the day. Small things like this that allow us to disconnect from the digital world are what make a place special.

One book that you think everyone should read?

Sucker for a thriller so any one of Gillian Flynn’s books are ace!

One film everyone should see? Are you a stay at home Netflix person or do you love going to the cinema? Is it local?

Typically, if anyone asks us for our favourite film, we’ll always say ‘Lord Of The Rings’, however we’d say that Bohemian Rhapsody is definitely a film everyone should watch at least once. Believe the hype people! We enjoyed it so much more than we thought we would, it was incredible. We’ve been listening to soundtrack on repeat for months.

Love the cinema for the big blockbusters but Netflix is our go-to. The Netflix Original Series are killing it!

What store should everyone visit & why?

Luke has always been obsessed with The Great Frog London. It has a very cool vibe and they make all the jewellery downstairs in the basement and are always super welcoming.

Which 3 social accounts should we follow?

This is a very tough one, but 3 off the top of our head: