Lorna is wearing Clara, images by Richard Piercy

We were lucky enough to be invited to the preview of our friend Lorna Tuckers wonderful film Westwood, where we found out she was a big fan of Grenson. We wanted to take the opportunity to catch up with her about her work and we asked her take part in our Off The Beaten Track Series.


Westwood a film by Lorna Tucker

Your life in a nutshell and what are your latest projects?

Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

I’ve recently moved with my family to East Sussex where I’ve taken on an artists studio, so when I’m not traveling or relocated for work, my days are spent there writing.  I have three kids and I wanted their childhood to be full of freedom with a certain amount of ‘ferralness’ and they certainly have that and more here, we also get to live amongst an amazing community.  Work seems to be getting more and more intense, which I like but its great to come home at the end of all the madness to the peace and quiet, it gives me the perfect work/life balance.

My documentary Westwood rolls out in theatres across America in June and the rest of the world in the coming months, which is very exciting, but it’s also great to be starting new projects and feeling inspired again.

I also have a feature documentary called Amá coming out later this year which has taken me ten years to make!  Amá is led by a group of incredible Native women from several different tribes in the U.S. Some of these women were sterilised without their consent or knowledge during routine operations such as an appendectomy This huge injustice was happening to native women right through the 70’s-90’s.  The documentary exposes the abuses that happened to so many native women and follows the main protagonist Jean Whitehorse and her friend Yvonne who’s lives as well as their entire families have been effected by the ongoing issues related to their sterilisations. The film will be released alongside a native led  outreach campaign to be used as a platform for the victims to hold special screenings at film festivals and theatres around the world in order to bring these abuses to light and provoke a bigger conversation on reproductive health care in America.

Screen shot from Amá

Currently I am writing a top secret fiction script for a new project thats been commissioned to go into production in 2019. My next film will be my first fiction feature and has recently been optioned by Raindog Films (Colin Firth and Ged Doherty’s production company) and we will go into pre-production towards the end of this year.

What are you most proud of?

My family. Raising three children and building a career with no financial cushion to fall back on has without doubt been the hardest thing I have ever done, but they are the driving force behind everything I do and they’re totally awesome! I’m so bloody grateful for all the support I’ve received along the way which has helped me to get to where I am today.

Lorna wearing Nora in Burnished Suede

Where do you live and what do you love about it?

I live in Lewes. Im not going to tell you how amazing it is as I don’t want everyone to move here!

Can you give us 5 places we should visit where you live and why?

I’ll give you six as there are too many to choose from.

The Patisserie on Station Street.  It’s tiny but they do the best sandwiches, coffee and home made pastries.  I could just sit there reading for hours.

Flint . It’s one of my favourite stores. Every time I pop in there looking for something specific, I end up coming out in a daze of beautiful locally made perfumes, cashmere cardigans and silk PJ’s. The lady that owns it has exquisite taste and I would buy everything she has for sale if I could!

A.S Apothecary It’s a small batch distillery in Lewes making natural scents, creams, aromatic waters and balms from flowers, bark, leaves, roots, blossom and mosses that grow wild in the fields in Sussex. Everything smells gorgeous and their products fix my skin a treat after a hectic schedule. They also do the best facials and massages.

The Depot, it’s an independent cinema in Lewes. They always have the best selection of commercial, indie and foreign  films. The screening rooms are great and they serve good wine. Also good to pop into for a quick bite to eat.

The Swan Pub Lovely pub. Great Sunday roasts and you can bring your own records to play, what more could you want. I also love the Lansdown Pub, my friends Viv and Ben run it, they do the best veggie sausage rolls and it’s a good boozer to sneak a quick drink in when you come of the train from London on the way home.

5th November- Bonfire Night We literally set the town on fire every year to celebrate bonfire night. I’m considering joining a bonfire society but I think it might just be because I like how they dress upon for the occasion! I’m not sure they would accept me though as it’s a very serious business! The different societies are very competitive and they hold year round fund raisers as well as doing loads to help the local community. Last year I wanted to join the South Over society, because they were dressed as pirates, but the year before I wanted to join the society dressed as the suffragettes. So maybe I’ll just watch…

Lorna wearing Nora in Burnished Suede

What was your favourite holiday or place you last visited and did you make any discoveries of lesser known places you ate, drank, visited or slept, you can share?

Every time I’m away I try to go out walking, to get lost and try to  find my way back, I’m like an over excited puppy, I need to go for long walks every day. I had an amazing time in Joshua tree filming which was pretty special. I always try and drive through America if I’m filming in multiple locations as at least I get some down time between shooting plus it’s great to stumble across little forgotten towns. I haven’t been on holiday for 5 years though as it’s been so full on and it looks like the only chance I’m going to get in the coming year will be around Christmas so looking for something mind-blowingly beautiful but also peaceful… any suggestions welcome.

What 3 songs should we add to the Grenson Spotify playlist?

Django Reinhard – Exactly like you

Ella Fitzgerald – dream a little dream

The Fugees, Killing me softly…

One book you think everyone should read?

Shantaram. I never get a chance to read ‘story’ books as I’m always doing research which involves reading the same books again and again to gather information. I have a pile of books I’ve been sent which I have must get through soon as they are starting to fill up my spare room. There we are, drink less read more, my new 12 month goal!

One film everyone should see? Are you a stay at home Netflix person? Do you love the cinema?

Tarkovsky’s The Mirror. I reference it so much, all his films are incredible. When I’m writing or in edit I ban myself from series as I would keep pressing next and be up until 2am, then I’s be tired and moody all the next day, which is not ideal for a director. When I hand over a project it’s great to have a week binging on everything I’ve missed during that period. I’m a fan of Amazon and Netflix but going to the cinema is definitely my favorite pastime. To watch a film in all its cinematic glory, with perfect sound and a large  popcorn, is my idea of heaven.

What store should everyone visit and why?

Fortnum and Mason for high tea and a mooch around just because it’s so British. My favourite store in London without a doubt is Dover Street Market. I love everything in there, so for birthday presents you know where to go

Who should we be following on instagram ?

I really only follow friends or stupid ones that make me laugh, I’m rubbish at social media but my favs are

@Tinder Nightmares, and @Texts From Your Ex, which says a lot about me I guess

No3 is @girlgaze They show case the most amazing, beautiful female photographers and artists and I find the way they edit their imagery beautiful and inspiring.

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Images by Richard Piercy